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A10 Tank and Bund Gauge

This mains operated electronic tank gauge shows the current tank level in litres or mm, plus percentage full. In addition, it has three integrated visual and audible warning systems which indicate high tank level, low tank level and bund alarm.

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Feature Highlights:

  • Level display and multiple alarms tank level management
  • Integrates into existing DataTrack systems
  • Very easy installation
  • Low level alarm by calculation, high level and bund alarm by positive float switch
  • Integrated alarm light and alarm buzzer
  • Accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Up to 48 gauges can be managed using our Supervisor software
  • Robust, weatherproof housing

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  • Display +

    Current tank level in litres or mm, plus percentage full.
  • Alarms +

    Three integrated visual and audible warning systems. These are for high tank level, low tank level and a bund alarm.
  • Applications +

    The A10 is suitable for any shape of tank up to 4m high. Also compatible with diesel fuel and other low viscisity liquids. Level indication is in: Height (mm) , Volume (litres), Filling percentage (%).
  • Accuracy +

    Accuracy to +/- 1%.
  • Environment +

    Full compliance with the regulation requirements of the Environment Agency for level status and alarms. Robust, weatherproof housing (IP55 Weather Protection)
  • Reporting +

    When used with Datatrack's software, the A10 allows operators to calculate inventory value, loss control, temperature issues, storage capacity utilisation, leak detection and overfill protection. Access to reliable, real-time tank content information results in reduced costs, increased safety and higher profitability. Up to 48 gauges can be linked into and managed on one PC using the Datatrack Tank Management Software.
  • Installation +

    Very easy installation - Includes pre-wired mains lead and link to termination box.
  • Technical Installation +

    Supply voltage (230V/50Hz). Level Range: 0.5m to 4.0m. Tube end weight + 10 metre of capillary tube supplied as standard. Tube can be extended to 50m. Maximum liquid viscosity up to 35 CSTRS. 485 output for PC connection. ROHS lead free construction compliant. Certificated CE compliance
  • Warranty +

    12 months warranty.
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