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Welcome To DataTrack Fuel Systems Ltd - Leaders in Fuelling Technology

DataTrack Fuel Systems


are manufacturers of fuel management systems and also supply a wide range of diesel fuelling pumps, bunded fuel tanks, fuel tank gauges and other fuel storage and fuel dispensing equipment.  

The main purpose of fuel management is cost efficiencies, which can be achieved by installing a fuel controller at your fuel pump, with fuel management software to show all dispensing activity in the form of on-screen and printable reports.    

Operating throughout the UK and Ireland, DataTrack Fuel Systems technology is being successfully applied to a diverse range of fuel dispensing applications. In addition to the mainstream market of road transport and local authority fleets, these systems are also in use fuelling light aircraft, mobile cranes, helicopters, boats, and intercity trains.  Datatrack customers include...

DataTrack Fuel Management Systems
 DataTrack Fuel Systems Ltd FuelSafe Fuel Management System

5 Ways to cut your fuel costs WAYS TO CUT YOUR FUEL COSTS   

1.  Find out if your fuel is being stolen

2.  Use clear reports to help budget your fuel costs

3.  Identify poor MPGs – by vehicles and drivers

4.  Speed up vehicle/fuelling turnaround

5.  Lower administration costs . 

DataTrack Fuel Controllers can give you all of these. INCREASED SECURITY, IMPROVED COST MANAGEMENT, and TIME SAVED.  MORE >>> 

DataTrack Fuel Management Software

DataTrack Fuel Systems Ltd Supervisor Fuel Management Software


The DataTrack Supervisor© and Supervisor Special Applications© fuel management/ fuel monitoring software are easy to use and versatile Windows programs.  

They will provide you with a choice of fuel reports featuring cost, MPG and audit data for every vehicle in your fleet. The programs enable you to collect your fuel data as often as you wish. Gone are the days of trying to read scant information from badly printed till rolls in the wind and rain.  Our Supervisor© fuel management software reliably puts clear and accurate information where you want it – on your desk.   MORE >>>

DataTrack Fuel Tank Gauges


DataTrack Fuel Systems Ltd Electronic Fuel Tank Gauges  

We supply a range of fuel gauges, both mechanical and electronic to provide a reading of tank contents either at the tank or transmitted to your PC – or both. MORE >>>

DataTrack Fuel Pumps
DataTrack Fuel Systems Pumps 

DataTrack supplies and installs all types of petrol and diesel fuel pumps from all the leading manufacturers. They are all compatible for connection to a DataTrack Fuel Management System.   We will be pleased to assist and recommend a selection of equipment that has the right performance and budget for your fuel installation. MORE >>>

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