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Fuel Management

From entry level fuel management for a single fuel pump, to advanced systems capable of controlling multiple pumps with a range of authorisation options, we cater for all levels of budget, performance and sophistication.

  • Padlock - for smaller fleet sizes
  • Padlock
  • Works with one pump
  • Interface to any pump with pulse output
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Program keys for maximum fuel quantities
  • Memory stick download
  • Up to 50 vehicles / drivers
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  • Fuelsafe - for medium to large fleets
  • Fuelsafe
  • Works with up to four pumps simultaneously
  • Interface to any pump with pulse output
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Program keys for maximum fuel quantities
  • GSM, hardwire, 3G, IP or memory stick data download
  • Virtually unlimited number of vehicles / drivers
  • Enter odometer readings manually at the Fuelsafe
  • Driver name and MPG calculation appear automatically in fuel reports
  • Rugged keypad for odo entry
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Used in conjunction with Supervisor software, our fuel management systems ensure that granting drivers authorisation to access fuel, tracking fuel dispensed to each vehicle, managing inventories and recording fleet data is as simple as filling up and driving away...

Our fuel island controllers offer the following benefits:

- 24 hour unattended vehicle refuelling

- MPG calculation

- Ability to deny access to unauthorised drivers

- Pump throughput totals

- Ability to manage book stock

- Records all attempts to use invalid ID

- Eliminates the possibility of diesel being pumped into a petrol vehicle or vice versa


A unique ID in the form of a touch key, PIN or Fuel Card is used to validate identity and grant access to fuel. On contact between the ID and the fuel management system, all captured information is stored in memory in the FIC. Supervisor software downloads the data to a secure central fuel management database where users can access exactly what they need, depending on individual user configuration.

Each transaction consists of:

- Date/time

- Vehicle ID or Driver ID (optional)

- Mileage*

- Configurable manually entered data

- Quantity and product (If a tank gauge is fitted to the fuel tank, Supervisor Advanced will retrieve data to show remaining fuel stocks).

* When used in conjunction with Fuelsafe